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May just got off a boat from Dewford Town to Slateport City when two uniformed women popped out of nowhere and shouted,"CONGRATULATIONS!"May jumped in shock.One of the woman said to May after she calmed down,"You young lady are the millionth passenger off this boat..."The other woman finished her sentence,"And that means that you win the grand prize!"May was suspicous about winning a competition like this,but when she heard 'Grand prize' she couldn't control herself."What's the prize?What's the prize?"May said with a smile on her face,"Now now,your prize is a surprise."The woman said,"Just follow us to reclaim your prize."

May followed the women to the park where a big tent was set up.One of the woman slightly opened the tent and said,"Now step inside and recieve your prize!"Without a moments hesitation May ran into the tent until she was standing in the middle of the empty tent."Umm,excuse me but..."Before May could finish the sentence,something heavy hit her head and everything faded to black.When May woke up,adjusting her eyes to the light in the room that she found herself in,she was sitting on a chair with a cusion with her hands tied behind her back and her feet were in wooden stocks and her toes were tied back."Well look who's awake."May turned to see the women from before,they took off thier disguises revealing themselves as members of Team Aqua."You're Team Aqua!"May exclaimed,the member with blue hair walked towards May,"Oh,just call me Marina."The member with red hair stood next to Marina,"You can call me Carol.""What are you going to do to me?"May said trying to be brave,Marina and Carol looked at each other,smiled,and turned back to May,Marina answered,"You'll see."With a look on her face that made May feel uneasy.

Marina and Carol both took out a feather,kneeled down to May's restrained feet and moved the feather across May's toes.May closed her eyes and sniggered,trying to hold in the laughter."What's wrong?Are you ticklish?"Carol asked,May shook her head in reponse,"Well then you wouldn't mind this then."Marina and Carol placed their fingers on May's ticklish soles,and began to wiggle them frantically while tickling her toes with the feather.May couldn't hold it in anymore and began laughing,"AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEAHEHEHEHESE STOP!WHY ARE YOHOHOHOHO DOHOHOHOING THIS?""No reason..."Marina said,"Just for fun!"Carol finished.

After ten minutes,the women decided to change tactics.They both got a hair brush and and electric toothbrush and the tickling began again,they used the toothbrushes between May's toes and scrubbed May's soles with the hair brushes.Poor May,she can do nothing but laugh helplessly from the tickle torture on her feet."HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!NOT BRUSHES!HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!STHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!"After twenty minutes,the toothbrushes have stopped,Carol moans,"Aww,the batteries are dead.""Mine too,but we might as well give her a chance to breathe."May was given five minutes to catch her breath,until the women came up with another plan.

The women approached May and looked down at her,"YOU BETTER LET GO RIGHT NOW OR YOU'RE BOTH GONNA GET IT!"May barked after catching her last breath.The women walked towards May's feet,kneeled down and suck their tongues out.May knew what was going to happen,before May could say anything the women began licking May's feet.They licked up and down May's soles and between her toes,"OHOHOHOHOHOHO NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!PLEHEHEHEHEASE STHAHAHAHAHAP LICK-NOHOHO NOT THE TOHOHOES!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!"The women didn't stop licking her feet until May was knocked out.

"Hey,are you awake?Wake up!Hey!"May woke up back in the park to see Officer Jenny by her side."Huh?Where am I?""You're in the park,I was patrolling the area when I found you unconscious.""Oh,I can't remember about what happened.""You'll be alright,and when you do remember I'll open a case on it.Now it's getting late,do you want a ride to the Pokemon Center?""Yeah,thanks."May to embarrassed to tell Officer Jenny about what happened,it was a terrible experience for her and she doesn't want to experience it again.
Hello,a May story was a request from TickleWizard.

If u have any request 4 a Pokegirl tickle story,let me know.

Cya and don't 4get 2 comment! :-)
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Shriek98 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
If two women had me in wooden stocks and they tickle my feet I will say more is that all you you got then one will tickle my feet the ather woman go behind me pull down the seat of my pants and tickle my butt cheeks in the crack of my butt maybe use a feather and run it in the crack of my buttocks then I go nuts : )
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Poor May, she always makes such a cute lil tickle victim
littleshing123 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Sorry 4 makin' u wait,I was busy.
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
It's alright man, it's been sat at the back of my watch list for awhile anyway.... I've got 10k of fucking deviations to go through XD
littleshing123 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Good luck,I'll post mor when I can.
TickleWizard Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Awesome and thanks
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